Hudud al-'Alam, The Regions of the World
V. Minorsky

§ 53. Discourse on the Country of V.n.nd.r

East of it are the B.rādhās; south of it, the Khazars; west of it, mountains; north of it, the Majgharī. They are cowards (badh-dil), weak, poor (darvīsh), and possess few goods (khwāsta).

§ 53-6   "The Regions of the World"   163

All these [countries] which we have enumerated are all countries, both of Islamic and Infidel dominions (Musalmanī va Kāfirī), situated in the northern part of the oecumene (nāḥiyat-i shimāl az ābādhānī-yi jihān).

{1. BULGHĀR, a town to which belongs a small province (nāḥiyat) on the bank of the river Ātil. The inhabitants are all Muslims. From (Bulghār) some 20,000 horsemen (mard-i savār) come out who fight against any number (bā har chand kī buvad) of infidel troops and have the upper hand. The place is extremely (sakht va bisyār) pleasant.

2. SUVĀR, a town near Bulghār. In it live fighters for the faith similar to (the people of) Bulghār.} [1]

1. The passage in {  } belongs to § 51.

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