Hudud al-'Alam, The Regions of the World
V. Minorsky

§ 22. Discourse on the Majgharī Country

East of it is a mountain; south of it, [2] a tribe of Christians (tarsāyān) called V.n.nd.r; west and north of (the Majgharī) are the districts (nawāḥi) of the Rūs. This country has some 20,000 men who take the field with their king (bā malikashān bar-nishīnand). The king of this country is called *Jula ( read: ). This country is 150 farsangs in length by 100 farsangs in breadth. In winter they stay on the bank of a river which separates them from the Rūs. Their food is fish and they live on it (badhān zindagānī gudharānadh). They are very rich people but base [3] (mardumānī bisyār-khwāsta-and va-sufla?). This country possesses many trees and running waters. The (people) are good-looking and awe-inspiring (bā-haybat). The Majgharī are at war with all the infidels living around them and are (usually) victorious (bihtar āyand).

And all these whom we have mentioned are the different categories of Turks (existing in the) world. Now we shall mention all the lands of Islam, and then the rest of the lands of the infidels (Kāfirān), lying in the western parts.

2. i.e., south of their country.

3. sufla is rather unexpected.

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