Hudud al-'Alam, The Regions of the World
V. Minorsky

§ 19-22   "The Regions of the World"   101

§ 20. Discourse on the Turkish Pechenegs [1]

East of this country are the limits (ḥudūd) of the Ghūz;
| south of it, those of the Burt
̣ās and Barādhās; west of it, those of the Majgharī and the Rūs; north of it, (the river) Rūthā. This country in all respects resembles (that of) the Kīmāk and is at war with all its neighbours. The (Pechenegs) have no towns; their chief (mihtar) is one of themselves.

1. Bajanāk.

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