A pagan, pre-Muslim statuette with runic signs
Вещица с рунической надписью
(Igor: "... This is a Bulgar statuette, found some 120 km away from the modern city of Kazan, in the vicinity of the ruins of the Volga Bulgar town of Kashan. Under detailed inspection, one can discern the runic signs which are characteristic for the Saltovo-Majaki culture (i.e. the Khazaro-Bulgar culture). On the collar, in the front, one can see tamghas, quite Tataro-Bashkir in type. BTW, a couple of weeks ago I showed them to I. Kyzlasov and he was not convinced they are really tamghas. Such symbols can be also found, for example, on the early pottery and bricks from the town of Biljar, etc. Also, on the Hungarian carvings – there are two types of them, these [below] belong to the most ancient, the so-called "Avar" type. The item is obviously pre-Islamic, otherwise why the runic signs there?", 04.05.2004 г.
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