Starosel funds -

Dear Mr. Webber:

I did get the Bank account of Excavations Starosel but it looks uncomplete
as there is missing the SWIFT code. I will be probably on Thursday on the
excavations and will ask for an additional information.

For now, I have:

c/o Violeta Argirova (president)
International Foundation "Europe Antique"
Starosel Excavations
Bulgarian Post Bank
Bulgaria Square 1
Sofia 1000
Bank code: 920 79400
Dollars' account number: 1142280815

For the Symposium in Karlovo 2001 it is:

c/o Lolita Nikolova
Karlovo Symposium 2001
Commercial Bank Biochim
Bulgaria, Sofia
Karlovo Branch
2 Vodopada St.
Karlovo 4300
Bank code: 66083036
Dollars' account number: 4191433022