Issue 225
Friday August 18, 2000
Gold-plated artifacts found in the Starosel Tomb

Gold-plated ancient decorations were discovered in the rectangular chamber of the tomb near Starosel by the team of archaeologists led by Dr. Georgi Kitov. The news has not reached the other media yet as they visit the excavations once every two days.

What we found is probably an indication that the tomb has not been robbed completely, assumes the well-known specialist. Now our hopes to find other interesting items have increased. The 0.5-metre thick wall which masked and simultaneously protected the interior of the temple was carefully removed last week. All members of the team as well as the guests are obliged to take off their shoes in order to protect the stone lining.

The archaeologists keep taking out volcanic stone slabs that had fallen off the ceiling of the chamber. It became clear that it was painted in white, red and blue. The colours have been partially preserved even 2,500 years after the construction of the tomb. Their clearing will continue for several more days. My personal opinion, explained Dr. Kitov, is that judging from the decoration, this was the temple of some Thracian deity. I cannot say yet to which one exactly. Later, probably after the death of some of the famous Thracian kings, the temple was converted into a mausoleum, as it is known that their [i.e. the Thracian] rulers were deified.