Tuesday, 5 September 2000
A silver appliqué of a Thracian king was found at Starosel

A large silver appliqué with an unusual decoration was discovered on Sunday by the team of Dr. Georgi Kitov at Starosel, in the district of Plovdiv. The appliqué was found at the entrance to the burial chamber of the tomb. 

The uncommon in it is that it depicts a fully armed Thracian king riding a horse, reported for "Monitor" Dr. Bozhidar Dimitrov, who collects part of the funds for the excavations. The former head of the National Museum of History explained that the king raises a rhyton in one hand. Usually this type of artifacts have floral or animal ornaments, added Dimitrov.

According to the archaeologists the newly-found appliqué confirms that kings of the Odrissian dynasty, who ruled over this part of Thracia in the V-IV cc. BC, were buried at the tomb necropolis at Starosel.

The whole frieze of the dome, which is painted in ruddle, will be uncovered in the next days. The same motif occurs in the Kazanluk tomb. The archaeologists expect also to find murals. 

The excavations will continue until the beginning of the rainy season. Until then the other six mounds in the place Uhoto will have to be excavated as well.