Issue 2858
Sunday, September 3 2000
A king was buried at Starosel

A silver plate from a horse's gear was found yesterday in the second excavated tomb at Starosel. This is an unambiguous indication that this was the grave of a Thracian king, said the leader of the team Dr. Georgi Kitov exclusively to "Marica".

It depicted the symbol of a ruler - a figure holding a rhyton. The knee-pieces were found before that. They depicted a double-edged axe - the other royal symbol. There is already no doubt that a ruler was buried at Starosel, is categorical Dr. Kitov. The silver plate can answer the question who he was. The ruler is shown with a beard but with no moustaches. No royal Thracian burial has been found in Bulgaria until now.

Today Dr. Georgi Kitov will start opening the circular chamber of the bigger tomb. 

This will happen notwithstanding the fact that the team of miners promised by the National Institute of the Monuments of Culture did not arrive to strengthen its vault.