Issue 2856
Friday, September 1 2000
A sanctuary was found next to the Starosel tomb


A Thracian sanctuary was found next to the impressive tomb by the archaeological team of Dr. Georgi Kitov, reported the deputy-leader of the team Diana Dimitrova. The sanctuary was a little bit to the west.

It is the second tomb which turned out to contain rich burial, which miraculously evaded the treasure-looters. The sanctuary was most probably devoted to the god of the fire Zagrej, guess the specialists. Remains of fire and numerous pieces of broken pottery were found next to it. The most frequently used colours in these rituals were the black and the red. The blood of sacrificial animals or wine were used for the latter.

The worship was performed next to an interesting 2.10 metres high stone. For unknown reasons the sanctuary was buried already in the antiquity. This cult site is directly linked to another "sacred site" - Garvanov kamuk on the neighbouring hill and it still remains to be studied in detail.

The miners, that were to be sent by the Ministry of Culture, did not arrive yesterday. They were given the task by the National Institute of the Monuments of Culture to strengthen the vault and to facilitate the advance to the circular chamber of the tomb. This may be an indication that the bureaucrats in the ministry tacitly want to block the excavations.