Saturday, 12 August 2000
The largest Thracian shrine was discovered near Plovdiv

Elica Dimitrova

The largest Thracian temple on the Balkan peninsula has been discovered by archaeologists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences near the village of Starosel in the district of Plovdiv. A stone staircase and a 15-metre long and 6.25-metre wide corridor lead to the inner rooms. The side staircases which lead to the corridor were described as unique. According to the well-known archaeologist Georgi Kitov the temple consists of two chambers - a rectangular one 3.75 metres wide, and a round one with a diameter of around 6 metres.
2 500 years old is the newly-discovered Thracian temple near Starosel. The archaeologist are amazed by the unique frieze at the main entrance to the shrine, which coincides with ornaments from the Panagjurishte golden treasure. 

No other temple this big has been discovered in the lands of the Thracians so far, claim the archaeologists. According to them the building dates to the end of the V c. BC. Kitov suggested that it was the burial place of some of the powerful Thracian kings. The relief ornamentation at the entrance to the shrine coincides with that from the Panagjurishte golden treasure.

This fact speaks that the treasure might have been produced by local craftsmen and not imported from Asia Minor as was the predominant view until now. The shrine at Starosel is the most imposing monument of the Thracian cultic architecture ever found. The mound is around 20 metres high and 90 metres in diameter. 

It is surrounded by a monumental 240-metre long stone wall. The recovered earthenware, coins, arrow-heads and cult object are also among the worthy artifacts. Another 50,000 levs (=50,000 DM) are necessary for the complete investigation of the ancient Thracian shrine.
The shrine is built of large quadras and the entrances are decorated by plastic and floral patterns. The archaeologists expect to find decorations in the internal rooms as well.

Pictures: Pressphoto BTA


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