Issue 225
Wednesday August 30 2000
Members of the parliament promise assistance for the tomb at Starosel

Plovdiv. The Plovdiv deputies Vasil Kljavkov and Mladen Vlashki will start next week a series of talks with the Ministry of Finances, the Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of Culture about the funding for the unique temple at Starosel. This was the news after their two-hour meeting with TEMP - the team of Dr. Georgi Kitov who performs the archaeological excavations. Another 40-50,000 levs are necessary for the completion of the excavations till the end of this year.

In the last day the team unearthed two very valuable ceramic vessels and a bronze fibula. There remains to be open the second chamber where the sarcophagus of the rich ruler Sitalces is expected to be found, provided that looters haven't destroyed everything already.