The Rogozen Treasure

1. CUP WITH MYTHICAL SCENE. The cup had been badly crushed and torn by the plough before it was found. Parts of the mouth are missing. It is cylindrical in form, symmetrically pinched in the centre of the body. There is a wide band of palmettes, ovulae and scales engraved at the base. Below the mouth there is an uninterrupted frieze of stag's antlers, whose branches are stylized in the form of birds' heads. Animals are depicted in a broad frieze on the body of the cup. A bird of prey with a large horn on its head is holding a fish in its beak and a hare in its sharp talons. The bottom is framed like a medallion with two rings of slanting hatchings, the scene of 'A Wolf Attacking a Boar' is depicted here. The boar has no tusks. The two figures are shown in profile, facing right. Silver with gilding, height 20cm, diameter of bottom 12 cm, of the mouth 13cm, weight 316 grammes. (D-29011, D-29012, D-29013)

2. JUG DECORATED WITH A MYTHOLOGICAL SCENE. At the base of the neck there are two unbroken bands of ovulae. The handle ends in a stylized palette. A 16-leaf rosette is engraved on the outside of the bottom. Heracles' ninth feat is depicted on a broad frieze across the body. The hero is shown as a young nude man, he is holding a crook in his right hand, the left is stretched out towards Hyppolita's waistband. At his back there is the protome of a lion-griffin. The Amazone has a spear in her hand. She is wearing a knee-length garment. A horse is standing behind her. This scene is repeated three times in the same form across the broad frieze on the body of the jug. The ground on which the figures stand is not marked. Silver, height 14cm, weight 128 grammes. (D-29014, D-29015, D-29016)

3. JUG WITH A SCENE OF A LION ATTACKING A DOE. In excellent condition. At the neck base there is a ring of ovulae in relief. The handle is grooved and ends in a palmetto. Both sides of the jug have a picture of a lion, leaping on the back of a doe and biting its victim in the neck. The ornaments and images are gilded. Silver gilt. Height 12cm, weight 158 grammes. (D290-18, D-29019)

4. JUG WITH THE IMAGE OF A GODDESS AND ANIMALS. In excellent condition. A ring of ovulae has been hammered out at the base of the neck and below it a ring of hatching. The handle ends in a palmette. The body of the jug is divided into two friezes by hatchings, the upper one being wider. A winged goddess is depicted in relief in the centre of the upper frieze. She is turned forward and is holding a dog by the paws in each hand. The heads of the dogs are turned backwards. On both sides two winged centaurs are making for the goddess. A bull is shown on the lower frieze attacked on both his sides by dogs. Silver, height 10cm, weight 127 grammes. (D-29020, D-29022, D-29023)

5. JUG WITH AN IMAGE OF SCALED ANIMALS. In excellent condition. At the base of the neck and on the neck itself borders ot ovulae have been worked. A band of ivy leaves is engraved on the shoulders of the small vessel, framed by rings of hatching. A wide uninterrupted frieze surrounds the body, on which there are two horned animals in relief, stylized as a capital with palmettos. On both sides of the capital stand stylized scaly animals with twisted tails.The handle of the jug ends in an engraved palmette. Silver, height 10.8cm, weight 131 grammes. (d-29024, D-29025, D-29026)

6. JUG WITH AN IMAGE OF THE GREAT GODESS. In excellent condition. There is a ring of ovulae in relief at the base of the neck and on the neck itself. Two vertical bands of ovulae with hatchings down the centre decorate the handle. A human head in relief is worked at the bottom of the handle. A goddess with a bow and arrow is depicted on a broad band across the body of the jug. She is riding a lioness like an Amazon. This image is repeated in the same way on both sides of the vessel. After the two images of the riding goddess the scene of 'Lion Attacking a Stag' is depicted. Silver with gilding, height 12.5 cm, weight 234.9 grammes. (D-29027, D-29028, D-29029)

7. JUG DECORATED WITH A HUNTING SCENE. In excellent condition. The edge of the mouth is drawn out and folded under to form a ridge, on which a border of ovulae has been worked. Four more similar rings are worked on the surface of the jug two at the neck and two at the base. The handle is ornamented with engraved hands of hatchings, while a woman's head with braided hair is depicted in relief at the base. Another similar head has been worked below the base of the handle. A rider, holding a spear, has been worked in high relief on both sides of the jug. Between the riders there is a boar wounded in the neck with a spear. Outside, on the bottom of the jug a 10-leaf rosette has been worked. Silver with gilding, height 11.5 cm, weight 162 grammes. (D-29030, D-29031, D-29032).

8. JUG WITH INSCRIPTION. In excellent condition. Two broad rings of ovulae have been worked on the shoulders of the small vessel. The remaining part of the body is decorated with broad, horizontally placed grooves. The handle is decorated with beading, indentations and hatchings and ends in a palmette. A 26-leaf rosette is worked on the outside bottom, while an iscription has been cut around the rosette with a thin point, reading SATOKO in Old Greek letters. No such ornamentation has been known so far. Silver, height 12 cm, weight 147.9 grammes. (D-29033, D-29034, D-29035)

9. CUP WITH IVY LEAVES. The two handles of this cup are missing. It was cast. The body is conical and the edge of the mouth has been drawn outward. It had had two symmetrical vertical handles welded into the upper part of the body. A wreath of four ivy twigs, attached to each other, is engraved under the edge of the mouth. The ornament is gilded. Silver with gilding. Height 8.2 cm, weight 127,3 grammes. (D-29036, D-29037)

SKYPHOS. One handle is missing. The vessel was cast in the classical form of a skyphos with two horizontal oval handles A 20-leaf rosette is engraved on the outside bottom. Rings of ovulae are engraved below the mouth and on the bottom. There is a broad frieze on the body of the skyphos on which 6 stylized palmettes are engraved each placed on an S-shaped motif. There are three rings of ovulae and hatchings below the ornament. The motifs of the ornament are gilded. Silver with gilding, height 7 cm, weight 104.4 grammes. (D-29038)

10. JUG OF THE 'DERVENI' TYPE. In excellent condition The jug was cast. There is a ring of ovulae in relief at the base of the neck. A band of stylized bulls' heads is worked in high relief around the centre of the body. Grooves run downwards from the heads. A palmette is engraved at the base of the handle. Silver gilt, height 12 cm, weight 196 grammes. (D-29039, D-29040, D-29041)

11. JUG ORNAMENTED WITH OVULAE. Part of the bottom torn. A human head is worked in relief at the base of the handle. There is a ring of hatching at the base of the neck and two bands of lengthened ovulae surround the body. Silver, height 13.5 cm, weight 142.5 grammes. (D-29042, D-29043, D-29044)

12. PHIALE-D1SH. In excellent condition. The phiale has a flat double bottom. On the outside it is decorated with an eight-leaf rosette, a band of palmettes and lotus flowers alternate on it. Two figures are depicted in high relief on the inside of the phiale: of Heracles and the Tegean Princess Auge. Above the head of the figure an inscription has been incised with double parallel lines in Old Greek letters, which reads 'Auge delade'. The Thracian personal name, Didykaimos, has been engraved with a punch on the frame of the phiale. This phiale with its mythical scene is the only one of this type found so far. Silver with gilding, diameter 13cm, height 1.8cm, weight 184 grammes. (D-29045, D-29046, D-29047)

13. JUG OF THE 'BOUKYOVTSI' TYPE. In excellent condition. A ring in relief of lengthened ovulae is depicted around the neck and under it there is a ring of horizontally placed ovulae which is repeated at the base of the jug. A broad band of a meander-like motif surrounds the body. The ornaments are gilded. Silver gilt, height 12cm, weight 123.8 grammes. (D-29048, D-29049, D-29050)

14. PHIALE ORNAMENTED WITH A HUMAN HEAD. In excellent condition. A human head is depicted in high relief on the umbo, it has short, slightly waved haird. Around the umbo there is a large rosette of radially placed grooves. Silver, diameter 12 cm, height 3.6 cm, weight 105 grammes. (D-29051)

PHIALE WITH THE HEAD OF A BULL. In good condition. There is a band of 6 bulls' heads in relief alternating with acorns around the umbo. The heads are realistically treated. The eyes are protruding. Silver, diameter 17.5cm, height 4cm, weight 177.8 grammes. (D-29052)

PHIALE WITH PLANT ORNAMENT. In good condition. Two bands of palmettos in relief, alternating with almonds, are placed around the umbo. The palmettes are gilded. Silver with gilding, diameter 18cm, height 2.5cm, weight 188 grammes. (D-29053)

15. JUG OF THE 'BOUKYOVTSI' TYPE. The stem at the bottom is crushed. Games are depicted in the upper part of the body, while in the lower part there are two rings of gilded ovulae. There is an unbroken band of a meander-like motif in the centre of the body, formed by double lines of hatchings. The meander surrounds leaflike forms, placed opposite one another. A jug ornamented in a similar way is known from the Boukyovtsi treasure. Silver with gilding, height 11,5 cm, weight 149 grammes. (D29054, D-29055, D-29056)