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Tuesday August 22 2000
Ancient Palace Located in Bulgaria 

SOFIA, Bulgaria (AP) - Archaeologists in southern Bulgaria have located remains of what they believe are a palace in the latest of a series of major Bronze Age finds, local media reported Tuesday.

Parts of an ancient three-story building dating from the fourth or fifth century B.C. were unearthed under a medieval fortress near the village of Perperek, some 200 miles southeast of Sofia, Valeria Fol, head of the expedition told the state BTA news agency.

Archaeologists said that the palace could have belonged to a leader of Thrace, a Balkan civilization that flourished in the Bronze Age.

A staircase carved out of rock and leading up three floors with intact internal corridors and at least 20 well preserved rooms were uncovered in the initial stage of excavations near Perperek, the report said.

In a similar find Saturday near Starosel, 100 miles east of Sofia, archeologists discovered the tomb of what appears to have been a Thracian ruler. The tomb is the second largest Thracian remains found in Bulgaria.

Articles in the tomb, including a gold tiara and a 1-ounce gold ring depicting a Thracian horseman piercing a wild boar, were dated to the fifth century, B.C., and suggest it was a royal burial site, experts said.

Other items found include four silver and eight bronze vessels, ancient Greek ceramics, a bronze shield, a helmet, swords and arrows with bronze tips. 


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