Articles about Thracia and the Thracians

Some ethnocultural problems in the evidence of the authors during the Late Antiquity about the Thracian lands
Neli Miteva, THRACIA, 8, 1988

The Thracian thallassocracy and the literary tradition during the Late Antiquity
Cvete Lazova, THRACIA, 8, 1988

The Thracian substrate in the antique colonies of the North Pontus. Parts:  _1_  - _2_  -  _3_  -  _4_
Sergej Krykin, THRACIA, 8, 1988 (in Russian)

Mound necropolises in the East Rhodope mountains
Georgi Nekhrizov, Ist International Simposium "Sevtopolis", Kazanlyk, 04-08.06.1993 (summary in English)

The Troyan war, the Thracian thallassocracy and the movement of the so called Sea Peoples
Stefan Iordanov, Seminarium Thracicum 5, Sofia, 2001 (in Bulgarian)