Issue 684
December 27, 2000
The contradictions around the Thracian tomb

The unique tomb near the village of Aleksandrovo, Haskovo district, which is older than the Kazanluk tomb, would be destroyed by the tresure-hunters, if our archeological team did not enter it, says the leader of the team Dr. Georgi Kitov. Dr. Kitov was accused last week by scholars close to the minister of culture Emma Moskova that he had been looking for sensations.


A horseman

A naked Thracian aiming furiously a blow with a double axe - a symbol of the royal power

A hunting scene. A warrior with a Thracian sword and a deer which is attacked by dogs

A frescoe in the Aleksandrovo tomb, depicting a royal hunt of a boar

Regions with the highest concentration of Thracian moulds on the territory of Bulgaria.
From SW to NE: Besi, Odrisi, Odrisi, Getae, Crobisi.