Associated Press
Monday December 18 8:58 AM ET

      Archaeologists Find Thracian Tomb

      SOFIA, Bulgaria (AP) - Archaeologists in southern Bulgaria have located the remains of a completely preserved Thracian tomb, decorated with murals, the daily Trud reported Monday.

      The tomb, near the town of Haskovo, about 145 miles southeast of Sofia, is made of big stone blocks and has two chambers forming a dome at the top. There are paintings of horses and Thracian armed warriors on the walls.

      The Thracians were Bronze Age people, whose civilization thrived in the Balkans from 2000 B.C. until the invasion of the Slavs in the sixth century A.D.

      This is the second Thracian tomb with murals of humans discovered in Bulgaria and one of the most significant finds in Thracian archaeology this century, experts say.

      The first Thracian tomb of this kind was unearthed in 1944 in the town of Kazanlak, about 125 miles east of Sofia.

      Earlier this year, archeologists discovered a palace and tomb of Thracian rulers, near the largest Thracian remains found to date in Bulgaria, about 100 miles north of the newly discovered tomb.