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The Language of the Thracians,
by Ivan Duridanov
1. Introduction
2. The Thracian language and the Indo-European family of languages
3I. The Thracian words
4. The Thracian onomastics
    Geographical names - Personal names - Tribal names - Names of deities
5. The Thracian vocabulary
6. The Thracian inscriptions
7. Comparative phonetics of the Thracian language

     7. Comparative phonetics of the Thracian language  - Full translation from the 1985 German edition of Duridanov's book
                                                                                         (kindly provided by Jordan Tchorbadzhijski; in Unicode/Palatino Linotype font)

8. The Thracian, Dacian and Paeonian languages
9. The place of the Thracian among the Indo-European languages
     Common phonetical features - Common lexical features

   Selected bibliography

  [For more information about the Thracians see Chris Webb's Thracian site and his new book "The Thracians 700 BC to 46 AD"]
  [ Other opinions on the problem:     Dr. Harvey Mayer        John Hill ]

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(An abridged translation of Ezikyt na trakite, Ivan Duridanov, Nauka i izkustvo, Sofia, 1976.) (c) Ivan Duridanov