Studies in the History and Language of the Sarmatians
J. Harmatta


Since the publication of my "Studies on the History of the Sarmatians" (Budapest 1950. Pp. 63) and my "Studies in the Language of the Iranian Tribes in South Russia" (Budapest 1952. Pp. 59) two decades elapsed. At that time both works were printed in a very limited number of copies and they went shortly out of print. My results and hypotheses regarding the history and languages of the Sarmatians aroused keen interest in historical, archaeological and linguistic researches. The following reviews of the two publications became available to me: 1. on "Studies on the History of the Sarmatians" E. Meyer: Museum Helveticum 8 (1951) 361, V. Pisani: Paideia 6 (1951) 438, A. Aymard: Revue des Etudes Grecques 64 (1951) 501, E. H. Minns: JHS 42 (1952) 142—143, J. Gy. Szilágyi: Acta Arch. Hung. 2 (1952) 357— 359, M. Párducz: Acta Arch. Hung. 2 (1952) 357—359, T. Horváth: A. E. 80 (1953) 72—73, E. Swoboda: Anz. f. A. 8 (1955) 35—37. 2. on "Studies in the Language of the Iranian Tribes in South Russia" V. I. Abaev: Izv. AN SSSR OLY 1953, vol. XII/5 487—490, I. Gershevitch: JHS 45 (1955), 191—192 H. v. Mžik: ZDMG 104 (1954) 208, V. Pisani: Paideia 8 (1953) 405, I express my best thanks to my critics for all their valuable remarks.

Besides, both works exerted a considerable influence on historical, archaeological and linguistic researches dealing with the Sarmatians. My results and suggestions were often quoted, adopted, developed, modified, criticized and discussed both at home and abroad. It is easy to understand that during the last decades both publications were often wanted by scholars studying the Iranian tribes of Eastern Europe but no demand could have been satisfied. Therefore, I willingly accepted the proposal by Professor S. Szádeczky-Kardoss to republish both monographs in the Acta Antiqua et Archaeologica edited by him.

Examining the vast literature published during the last two decades on the subject, I would most willingly write a new book, a detailed history of the Sarmatians. The great amount of valuable results achieved mainly by Soviet archaeologists would make now possible to elaborate the problems, discussed in my books, in a more detailed manner as before. Taking into consideration, however, that both works became solid constituents of scholarly research since two decades and considering that most researchers look for the references to them occurring in scientific literature, I abandoned the plan of a radical rewriting and restricting myself to minor corrections I left the text essentially unchanged. In any case I added some additional notes and a


selected bibliography with the aim of informing about my present views an recent results of historical, archaeological and linguistic researches.

Surely a detailed analysis of Sarmatian history and language remains an important desideratum in the future too. On the basis of prolonged researches I propose to do it, if the circumstances permit me to realize my project. For the time being I only refer to my recent papers dealing with this subject (cf. the selected bibliography). I express my best thanks to all scholars who gave me valuable support by sending their books and papers, discussing different problems in personal talks and informing me about recent finds and results during the last decades. Finally, I would warmly thank Professor S. Szádeczky-Kardoss who kindly made the new edition of m works on the Sarmatians in the Acta Antiqua et Archaeologica possible.

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