Pliska - 100 years of archaeological excavations
Rasho Rashev, Yanko Dimitrov (Shumen, "Svetlana", 1999)

Maps: Outer town, Inner town, Citadel..
I. The discovery of Pliska
II. History of the investigations
III. The legacy of Pliska
1. Defensive constructions 9. Small finds
2. Architectural monuments 10. Sculptural decorations
3. Villages and dwellings 11. Inscriptions
4. Water supply 12. Symbols
5. Roads, pavements, underground passages 13. Drawings-graffiti
6. Materials and workshops 14. Coins and seals
7. Necropolises 15. Materials from the antiquity
8. Devtashlars and mounds

IV. The phenomenon of Pliska
Catalogue of the objects: Outer town, Inner town, Citadel (in preparation)