Hudud al-'Alam, The Regions of the World
V. Minorsky

160   Hudud al-Alam   §§ 45-8

§ 45. Discourse on the Country of the Inner Bulghārs [1]

East of it (live) the Mirvāt [so spelt]; south of it, is the Gurz Sea; west of it, the Ṣaqlābs; north of it, the Rūs mountain. It is a country without towns. The people are courageous, warlike, and terror-inspiring (bā haybat). Their nature resembles that of the Turks living near the Khazar country. The Inner Bulghārs are at war with all the Rūs, but carry on commerce (bāzurgānī [2]kunand) with all those who live around them (az gird-i vay). They possess sheep, arms, and implements of war (ālāt-i ḥarb).

1. Bulghār-i andarūni.

2. Cf. p. 159, l. 37. (i.e. “2. Ṣ.LĀBA (? ??), a pleasant town”)

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