Central Asia in the Early Middle Ages
(excerpts from "Srednjaja Azija v rannem srednevekov'e",  ed. G. Brykina, M., 1999)
I. History of the regions:  II. Coins of the regions:
    General information
 1. Northern Khorasan
 2. Khorezm
 3. Sogd
 4. Chach and Ilak
 5. Ferghana, Ethnic history
 6. Ustrushana
 7. Northern Tokharistan
 8. Upper Tokharistan
 9. Semirech'e
10. Sir Darja
 Bukhara Sogd
 Northern Tokharistan
 Samarkand Sogd
 Southern Sogd
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Full contents of the chapters (in Russian)
Full bibliography (175 Kb, in Russian) - Latinized 

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(selected abbriged translations*  from "Sredniaja Aziia v rannem srednevekov'e",  M., Nauka 1999, 378 pp.)
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* Special thanks to Mr. Jim Farr for the help with the translations