Some of the Bulgarian emigrants from Macedonia were masters of a craft or a profession and managed to develop their own small business in the New World. Others opened hotels or eating houses. They began to use the emigrant newspapers as a way to become more popular among the community by publishing there different kinds of advertisements, in which they clearly stated their national origin and identity.

Here you can see examples of those advertisements from the beginning of the 20th century.

"Bulgarian coffee-house" owned by Andro Kyurapoff and Brothers from Tetovo

"Bulgarian eating-house - New Bulgaria" owned by Dimitar Stavreff from Lerin.

"Bulgarian barber shop", property of Alexander Terziovski from the village of Kosinets, Kostur.

"Bulgarian hotel and eating-house Ocean", property of Milan Pechuloff from Prilep.

"Bulgarian shoe shop" belonging to Trayche Trayanoff from Kukush.

"Bulgarian bakery" owned by Georgi Geondeff, Kosta Zanasheff and Tashko Metlaroff from Voden.

"Bulgaro-Macedonian trade house" property of Krste Koleff and Sons from Banitsa, Lerin.

"Bulgaro-Macedonian trade house" owned by Misho Mitseff from Surovitshevo, Lerin.

"Bulgarian warehouse" property of Hristo Labanicharoff from Smrdesh, Kostur.

"Bulgarian warehouse" belonging to Kosta Teoharoff from Aposkep and Lambo Vasileff from Dambeni, Kostur.

"Bulgaro-Macedonian trade house" owned by Yano, Georgi, Naum and Hristo Gitcheff from Smrdesh, Kostur.

"Dr. Gitschoff - Bulgarian dentist"
from Smrdesh, Kostur.

"Bulgarian drug store, ice cream parlor and lunch room"  property of Yoan Petroff from Bitolya, Kiro Timioff from Krushevo and Stefan Ivanoff from Berbovo, Elena.

"Bulgarian coffee house and barber shop "Bitolja"  owned by  Atanas Bosheff from Bitolya and Georgi Kamburoff from Gorna Oryahovica.

"Bulgarian tailor shop" belonging to Marko Markoff from Patele, Lerin.

"Hotel, coffee and eating house "Bulgarian Home" property of Foti Mitreff from Embore, Kaylar.

"Bulgarian hotels" owned by Toma Dimoff from Tetovo.

"Bulgarian hotel and eating house" belonging to Atanas Shinkoff from Kosinets, Kostur.

"Vasil Stefanoff - Bulgarian lawyer" from Bitolya.

"Bulgarian buffet" property of Atanas Kotcheff from the village of Breznitsa, Kostur.

"Bulgarian grocery "Ohrida Lake" owned by Milenko Yoleff, Bogatin Damyanoff and Kosta Ivanoff from Slatina, Ohrid.

"Vassil Dimitroff - the only Bulgarian prosthetic dentist" from Statitsa, Kostur.

"Bulgarian bakery" owned by Atanass Petlichkoff from Buff, Lerin.

"Bulgarian hotel and eating house", property of Dimitar Yanov from Gorno Brodi, Serres.

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