History of the Armenians, Moses Khorenats'i
Commentary on the Literary Sources by R. Thomson
(p. 1-61 in: Moses Khorenats'i, History of the Armenians, trans. R. Thomson , Harvard UP, 1978)
Map - The Armenia of Moses Khorenats'i...
References to Moses in other Armenian writers
The tradition is challenged
Moses' attitude toward historiography

Moses and his sources
    (Tradition - Archives - Earlier written histories)
Moses and the Bible
Moses and classical Greek literature
    (Byzantine chronicles - The Alexander Romance - Josephus - Philo)
Moses and Christian writers
    (Eusebius - Socrates - Gregory Nazianzenus - Labubna)
Moses and earlier Armenian historians
    (Agathangelos - Faustos - Koriun - Lazar - The Ashkharhats'oyts' - The Primary History)
The purpose of Moses' History