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Bactrian marriage contract from 343 AD Sims-Williams Nicholas Oxford UP, London 2000 BG
The runic epigraphy of the ancient Bulgars Kyzlasov Igor Tatarskaja Arheologija, Kazan 2000 RU
Once more about the formation of the Pamir-Fergana racial type Jablinskij Leonid T. Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow 2000 RU
The artificial skull deformation in Central Asia Hodzhajov Telman Kasimovich Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow 2000 RU
The Thracian tomb at Alexandrovo near Haskovo newspapers Monitor, Trud 2000 EN
On probable Tungus-Manchurian origin of the Buyla inscription from Nagy-Szentmiklós Helimski Eugene Studia Etymologica Cracoviensia, Kraków 2000 EN
What is „Old-Russian Literature“ Rothe Hans Westdeutscher Verlag, Wiesbaden 2000 DE
The Troyan war, the Thracian thalassocracy and the movement of the so called Sea Peoples Yordanov Stefan Seminarium Thracicum. 5, Sofia 2001 BG
Tamgas (functions of the symbol) Olhovskij Valerij Sergeevich Historical-Archaeological Almanac, Armavir 2001 RU
About the Zoroastrianism among the Alans in the VII-IX cc. Rudnickij R. R. Historical-Archaeological Almanac, Armavir 2001 RU
The time of the appearence of the Alans in Eastern Europe and their origin Skripkin A. S. Historical-Archaeological Almanac, Armavir 2001 RU
Brahmi, Estrangelo inscriptions from Volga Bulgaria Dobrev Petar, Dobreva Milena TanNakRa, Sofia 2001 BG
Bulgarians and Romanians on the Lower Danube during the early Middle Ages (according to the archaeological data) Ovcharov Dimitar TanNakRa, Sofia 2002 RU
Slavs, Turks and Indo-Iranians in the Early Middle Ages International conference, Veliko Tarnovo 2002 BG
Iranian and Slavic languages. Relations throughout the history (excerpt) Edelman D. I. Vostochnaja literatura, Moscow 2002 RU
The Bulgaro-Khazar border and the Bulgaro-Khazar emnity from the end of the VII till the mid-IX c. Atanassov George TanNakRa, Sofia 2003 RU
Paisius or Nicephorus: regarding the personal name and the titles of the founder of the First Bulgarian Kingdom Yordanov Stefan International conference, Veliko Tarnovo 2003 BG
The Golden mask from the "Sveticata" mound newspaper Novinite 2004 EN
The Thracian tomb in the "Golyamata Kosmatka" mound newspaper Novinite 2004 EN
The bronze head from the "Golyamata Kosmatka" mound TEMP 2004, Sofia 2004 EN
A pagan, pre-Muslim statuette with runic signs from near Kazan Igor from www.kyrgyz.ru 2004 EN
Bulgaria of Kubrat Cenov Gancho Heliopol, Sofia 2004 BG
S. Bernstein, O. Trubachev on the Balto-South-Slavic isoglosses Bernstein Samuel, Trubachev Oleg 2005 RU
Linear A script from the Eastern Rhodopes? newspaper Novinite 2005 EN
Thracian treasures from Plovdiv at the National museum in Sofia, March 2005 newspaper Novinite 2005 EN
The goddess of love in the megaron of the power: Observations on the power relations of Paleobalkan peoples Yordanov Stefan 2007 BG
The unknown Old Bulgarian term "vlogzhupan" Ivanov Sergej "East and West in the Balkan view of the world", Moscow 2007 RU

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