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The genesis of the Balkan Peoples Georgiev Vladimir The Slavonic and East European Review 44 1960 EN
The antique tomb by Pomorie (Kuhata mogila) Petrov Toma, Venedikov Ivan, Kuzupov Bojan Museum of Burgas 1960 BG
About the titles of the Sogdian rulers Smirnova O. I. Izdanie vostochnoj literatury 1962 RU
The Position of Albanian Hamp Eric P. Ancient IE dialects, Los Angeles 1963 EN
The Name Slav Lozinski B. Philip Archon Books, Hamden, Connecticut 1964 EN
Three Paradoxes of the Cyrillo-Methodian Mission Ševčenko Ihor Slavic Review, Vol. 23 1964 EN
The Barbarians in Justianian’s Armies Teall John L. Speculum, vol. 40 1965 EN
Iranian elements in the Proto-Bulgarians Beshevliev Vesselin Nauka, Moscow 1967 BG
Alttürkische Felszeichnungen in Nordost-Anatolien Váry Hermann Ural-Altaische Jahrbucher, Wiesbaden, XL 1968 DE

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