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The Volga Bulgars in the IX-X cc. Preliminary notes Grekov Boris Istoricheskie zapiski, Moscow 1945 RU
On the origin of the Volga Tatars Smirnov A. P. Voprosy etnogeneza, No 2 1946 RU
The tribes of European Sarmatia in the II c. AD Udalcov A. Voprosy etnogeneza, No 1 1946 RU
The New Year festival "kalandas" among the Khorezmian Christians from the beginnig of the XI c. AD Tolstov S. P. L’Ethnoraphie Sovietique 1946 RU
The Beginnings of Slavonic Culture in the Roumanian Countries Nandriş Grigore The Slavonic and East European Review, Vol. 24 1946 EN
The Nominalia of the Bulgarian princes Tihomirov Mihail Вестник древней истории (Journal of Ancient History), Moscow 1946 RU
Une inscription en langue proto-bulgare découverte a Preslav Deny J. Revue des études byzantines 1947 FR
The ’Second Bulgarian Empire.’ Its Origin and History to 1204 Wolff Robert Lee Speculum, vol. 24 1949 EN

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