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Old Scythia and the Slavs Trubachev Oleg Nauka, Moscow 1999 RU
On probable Tungus-Manchurian origin of the Buyla inscription from Nagy-Szentmiklós Helimski Eugene Studia Etymologica Cracoviensia, Kraków 2000 EN
On the Capture of Corinth by the Onogurs and Its Recapture by the Byzantines Charanis Peter Speculum, vol. 27 1952 EN
On the Prototype of the Proto-Bulgarian Temples at Pliska, Preslav and Madara Brentjes Burchard East and West (Rome), New series, vol. 21 1971 EN
On the border guard organisation at the time on the First Bulgarian Kindgdom Yordanov Stefan Contantine Preslavski university, Shumen 1995 BG
On the history of the Bulgarian name of the city of Philippopolis; About the name Plovdin or Plovdiv Kalužniacki E., Jireček C. Archiv für Slavische Philologie, Bd. 16, Berlin 1894 DE
On the name and the title of the rulers of Volga Bulgaria Fahrutdinov R. Sovetskaja tjurkologija, Baku 1979 RU
On the origin of the Proto-Bulgarians Rashev Rasho Studia protobulgarica et mediaevalia europensia. In honour of Prof. V. Beshevliev, Veliko Tarnovo 1992 EN
On the origin of the Volga Tatars Smirnov A. P. Voprosy etnogeneza, No 2 1946 RU
Once more about the formation of the Pamir-Fergana racial type Jablinskij Leonid T. Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow 2000 RU
Origin and migrations of the ancient Bulgarians (in search of a new approach to the old problem) Vojnikov Zhivko 2012 BG

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