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A pagan, pre-Muslim statuette with runic signs from near Kazan Igor from www.kyrgyz.ru 2004 EN
A short description of the Volga Bolgharic r-Turkic Cluster User 1999 EN
About the Zoroastrianism among the Alans in the VII-IX cc. Rudnickij R. R. Historical-Archaeological Almanac, Armavir 2001 RU
About the identity of the Thracian culture in Roman times Zlatkovskaja Tatjana Journal of Ancient History, Moscow 1981 RU
About the titles of the Sogdian rulers Smirnova O. I. Izdanie vostochnoj literatury 1962 RU
Alttürkische Felszeichnungen in Nordost-Anatolien Váry Hermann Ural-Altaische Jahrbucher, Wiesbaden, XL 1968 DE
Ancient (Macedonian) slingers destroyed Starosel Nikolov Dimitar Translated article 2010 EN
Archaeology and Graffiti Carved in Carpathian Rock: The Thracian Horseman, or an Early Medieval Image of Power and Authority? Măndescu Dragoş Left Coast Press / Routledge 2016 EN
Articles about Thracia and the Thracians Miteva Neli, Lazova Cvete, Krykin Sergej, Nehrizov Georgi, Iordanov Stefan 1988 EN
Asparukh of Iberia (exceprt) Lang David M. Cambridge UP 1983 EN

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