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Linear A script from the Eastern Rhodopes? newspaper Novinite 2005 EN
Thracian treasures from Plovdiv at the National museum in Sofia, March 2005 newspaper Novinite 2005 EN
Slavs, Turks and Indo-Iranians in the Early Middle Ages International conference, Veliko Tarnovo 2002 BG
The Golden mask from the "Sveticata" mound newspaper Novinite 2004 EN
The Thracian tomb in the "Golyamata Kosmatka" mound newspaper Novinite 2004 EN
The bronze head from the "Golyamata Kosmatka" mound TEMP 2004, Sofia 2004 EN
Treasures from Malaja Pereshchepina, Nagyszentmiklos, etc EN
Pictures from the VII-IXth cc. capitals Pliska, Preslav newspaper Monitor 1999 BG
Threasures of the Ochrid Archbishopric National Museum of History, Sofia EN
The Thracian tomb at Alexandrovo near Haskovo newspapers Monitor, Trud 2000 EN
The Thracian temple at Starosel near Plovdiv. The palace at Perperek newspapers Monitor, Marica dnes, Novinar 1999 EN
Re: Caucasoid Turks/Bulgars Discussions in the sci.lang news-group 1999 EN

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