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The antique tomb by Pomorie (Kuhata mogila) Petrov Toma, Venedikov Ivan, Kuzupov Bojan Museum of Burgas 1960 BG
The myths of ancient Volga (exceprts) Vardugin V. (compiler) Publishing house "Nadezhda", Saratov 1996 RU
The Thracian culture in images Velkov V., Danov H., Georgiev G. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia 1979 EN
Origin and migrations of the ancient Bulgarians (in search of a new approach to the old problem) Vojnikov Zhivko 2012 BG
The (non-)Bulgarian 12-year cyclic calendar - Avar legacy amongst the Bulgarians Vojnikov Zhivko 2021 BG
The Old Bulgarian calendar - etymology of the names of the months and of the (cyclic) years Vojnikov Zhivko, Vojnikov Ivan 2014 RU
The Evolution of Slavic Society and the Slavic Invasions in Greece. The First Major Slavic Attack on Thessaloniki, A. D. 597 Vryonis Speros Jr. Hesperia, vol. 50 1981 EN
Alttürkische Felszeichnungen in Nordost-Anatolien Váry Hermann Ural-Altaische Jahrbucher, Wiesbaden, XL 1968 DE

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