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S. Bernstein, O. Trubachev on the Balto-South-Slavic isoglosses Bernstein Samuel, Trubachev Oleg 2005 RU
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"Made in Russia". A Survey of the Translations Allegedly Made in Kievan Russia Thomson Francis J. Böhlau Verlag, Köln-Weimar-Wien 1993 EN
History of the Armenians, Moses Khorenats’i (exceprt) Thomson R. (transl.) Harvard UP 1978 EN
The Nominalia of the Bulgarian princes Tihomirov Mihail Вестник древней истории (Journal of Ancient History), Moscow 1946 RU
The New Year festival "kalandas" among the Khorezmian Christians from the beginnig of the XI c. AD Tolstov S. P. L’Ethnoraphie Sovietique 1946 RU
Old Scythia and the Slavs Trubachev Oleg Nauka, Moscow 1999 RU
Temarundam "matres maris". About the language of the Indo-Europeans near the Sea of Azov Trubachev Oleg Nauka, Moscow 1999 RU
Doctrina Christiana. Investigations on the compilation and sources of the so-called "Speech of the philosopher" in the Old Russian Chronicle Trunte Hartmut Böhlau Verlag, Köln-Weimar-Wien 1993 DE

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