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Asparukh of Iberia (exceprt) Lang David M. Cambridge UP 1983 EN
Constantine Porphyrogenitus and the Bulgarians Litavrin Genadij Thracia, 8 1988 RU
Eastern Turkestan and Central Asia in the System of Cultures of Ancient and Medieval East Litvinskij Boris A. (ed.) Nauka, Moscow 1986 RU
Some Slavistic aspects of the Serbian ethnogenesis Loma Alexander Зборник матице српске за славистику 43, Нови Сад 1993 SR
Slavs and Albanians till the XII c. in the light of the toponomastics Loma Alexander Зборник радова, Титоград 1990 SR
The Name Slav Lozinski B. Philip Archon Books, Hamden, Connecticut 1964 EN
Articles about Thracia and the Thracians Miteva Neli, Lazova Cvete, Krykin Sergej, Nehrizov Georgi, Iordanov Stefan 1988 EN

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